by Nicholas Povolato 2C
The Bridge of Fists is a historical bridge of Venice located in the district of
Dorsoduro near campo San Barnaba.

The name of this bridge was given because of an ancient and charming tradition of
 Venice, the war of fists.

The famous story tells that the clash between two factions, who for different reasons
were opposing, happened on this bridge.

The real battle was preceded by an individual challenge, called “Mostra”, that 
involves the champion of the two teams; everyone puts their feet on two of the 
footprints found on the floor of the bridge.DSC_7822
In 1705 there was one of the most violent clashes, in which they passed from fists to

Today this bridge on which you can see the imprints, it is visited and photographed
 by tourists who are attracted by its history.DSC_7824