by Giulia Zancanaro 2°C

The Squero of San Trovaso is one of the very few squeri still used in Venice.

A “Squero” is the place were typical Venetian boats like the gondolas are built.


The building where it’s located is a mountain house because originally the craftsmen came from the mountains and they brought their culture.


The Squero dates back to the seventeenth century and it is for these ancient origins that it is frequently visited by tourists.

Here you can see craftsmen who create hand gondolas  without written designs.

Each gondola is personalized and no one is like another.


The Squero of San Trovaso is just 3 minutes from “Zattere”and is located in campo San Trovaso in Dorsoduro.

To get there you have to walk along Rio Novo and then you have to follow Rio Terà Ognissanti.

squero san trovaso

You have to visit it because it’s a unique experience to see the craftsmen who build the gondolas and because it is a very old building.