by  Matilde Bearzi 2B, Enrico Fermi Secondary school

The “Redentore Church” dates back to 1577, it was built on the island of “Giudecca”. It was designed by architect Andrea Palladio. The church is total white and is similar to a classical temple. Inside the church there are also a lot of famous paintings by Tintoretto, Veronese, Bassano. It is used a votive church, in particular on the third Sunday of July, for the redentore festival. Pilgrims go from the centre of “Giudecca” to “Redentore Church”, to thank Jesus for saving Venice from the plague of 1575. In fact, “Redentore” means “The Redeemer”. On this festival the island of “Giudecca” is entirely decorated and in the evening the people stay on  boats, they have dinner and (at midnight), they can see the famous firework display.

 To go to “Redentore Church” from “Piazzale Roma” go to “Three Bridges” then take the first turning on the right, go straight on as far as “Campo St. Barnaba”and follow the signs to “ Fondamenta Zattere”. Then take the water bus number 2 for “Giudecca”. The water bus stop in “Giudecca” is in “Fondamenta St. Eufemia”; so cross“ Fondamenta St. Eufemia”, across “Ponte Longo” and in the end follow the yellow signs to “Redentore Church”. It takes about 30 minutes on foot from “Piazzale Roma”. Visit this church because it is amazing; it‘s one of the highest architectural masterpieces of the Renaissance. But, I recommend to visit  it on the third Sunday of July: the Redentore Festival is spectacular!